About Space Wrap

About Us

Nutec is one of the UK’s leading installers of Space Wrap, used to insulate lofts and roofing.

Based from our Head Office in Wolverhampton, we have installers operating throughout the UK, installing in both residential and commercial properties.

As a result, we work closely with our customers to help them make the right decision when it comes to loft insulation.

Nutec Insulations are Licensed Contractors in the UK, using qualified and Expert Installers, providing you with the most professional, cost-effective installation in the industry.

We are proud to be FCA approved, ensuring our clients that we operate with the highest levels of professionalism and ethical standards in the industry.

What is Space Wrap Insulation?

Space Wrap is superior to other mediums because of its highly reflective properties and multi-layer construction of technologically innovative materials.

When it comes to loft insulation, people often refer to fiberglass or mineral wool. There is, however, another type. This insulation is often overlooked or not even known about. That material is known as Space Wrap.

Space Wrap often leaves people doubting its ability to insulate due to its thickness compared to other materials like fibreglass.

Rest assured the increased flexibility and advanced technology means it far outweighs all previous efforts. It also means we can install Space Wrap in your conservatory or loft without compromising head room or air quality.

Our Mission

Improves your carbon footprint and save money that would normally be spent on energy. This also means that joints, small holes, and small cracks are sealed and, thus, prevent leaking

Our Vision

We are proud to proud to say that we are certified to PAS 2030 certificate installers. This means that Nutec Spray Foam Installations are accredited Green Home Grant Installers.

Our Values

Our goal is to save upto 50% on your energy bills and improve air quality for the environment. In order to achieve this, we pride ourselves on the following values:

Top-Rated Company

We hold a successful track record of satisfying our customers with our experienced installation team.

Reduce Energy Usage & Consumption

Our installation applies in areas where it will be most effective, such as attics, roofs, and walls. This can lead to lower heating and cooling costs over time.

Increased Flexibility

We can install Space Wrap in your conservatory or loft without compromising head room or air quality.

Need some more technical information?

The roof is a vital part of any home. It protects us from all nature of different weathers – rain, wind, snow and sun. But the roof, and the loft space beneath it, is also one of the main factors of heat loss. Additionally, it can also lead to poor ventilation, condensation, mould and water infiltration.

The Space Wrap technology that we use has been developed and engineered for almost 25 years to meet the ever increasing and stringent building regulations, to provide energy-efficient and sustainable products that meet the demands of the modern, environment-friendly home and homeowner.

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